Monday, March 26, 2007

If Only There Was Google Earth Way Back When

Ogle Earth pointed out a really great site for Utah geology. The Utah Geological Survey has available a really spectacular KML file of about 15 beautiful, geologic wonders in the geologically wondrous state of Utah. It's not to be missed. The placemarks are terrific, with lot's of information and photos and could be easily used in an earth science class. Look for the inverted topography (above photo) and the sand dunes. Keep the Panoramio photos turned on in Google Earth so you can see even more geologic splendor.

I did my geology field work back in 1993-4 in southwestern Utah using boots, a paper map, a Brunton, pencils and Rapidographs. Yeah, those were the days. Couldn't afford aerial photographs. Now you can get them for free. By the way, I mapped a section of the Hurricane fault, discussed on the Utah Survey's web page in a recent report. Wonder if my work is mentioned??

So, since I was taking a stroll down memory lane, I just had to go ahead and make a KML of my field area to share with the world. If you care to know where I spent a long, hot summer back in 1993, take a look at this KML file.

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