Monday, September 10, 2007

Mapping Environmental Changes

The New York Time's Week in Review had an interesting short piece by Andrew Revkin on creating atlases and how those, because of severe climate changes, need to updated more frequently. He mentions the Aral Sea in Central Asia (above) as an example of a measurable change in water level over a relatively short period of time. The color image is way more revealing than the black and white image in my newspaper. Says Revkin, "All of this means a lot more work for atlas makers, who now have to keep up not only with political change, but also with large-scale effects of people on the home planet."

The Aral Sea, of course, is a well-known example of obvious and catastrophic climate change and I showed this to my Earth Science class this summer using Google Earth. Check out the Water Cycle placemarks I put together and add some of your own examples of climate change.

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