Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NERCOMP 2008: Our Talk About Assessment of Mobile Mapping

Laptop failure be darned! My colleague in Academic Computing Services, Ginny Jones, and I gave a talk today at the annual NERCOMP meeting on our use of an assessment survey in two courses using mobile mapping. The talk was titled "Assessing student learning outcomes when using a tablet PC for data collection in field-based classes in Archaeology and Ecology" (note the truncation of the title by NERCOMP). Also note that the speaker list is out of order on the conference web site.

If you look at our slide presentation, you'll get the details, mostly pretty pictures, of what we were doing with integrating a pre-course and post-course survey in these two field-based classes.

We provided a handout of our survey results, so if you're interested in looking at those click here.

If you have any questions about our findings, thoughts on assessment, use of mobile mapping in higher education, please email me (mestewart(at)vassar(dot)edu).

What is NERCOMP, you say?
The mission of NERCOMP is to enhance the communication and dissemination of information related to the use of computers, networks and information technology in education, academic research and educational administration throughout the northeastern United States. NERCOMP is an affiliate of EDUCAUSE.

For more up-to-the-minute info on conference happenings, they're blogging the NERCOMP conference. I guess so am I!! Check out the photos shot by my other colleague, Baynard Bailey!

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