Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tablet PC vs. Whiteboard

HP's Jim Vanides posted a great list of the "11 Reasons Why a Tablet PC is Better" on his blog. Better than what? That would be an overhead project or a whiteboard or "sometimes smarter than a Smartboard. " I agree. The Wired Campus of the Chronicle of Higher Education picked up on Jim's post and got some comments. In typical Chronicle commenter fashion, they are all over the map on what they like and don't like about tablet PCs. I notice with this academic crowd there's the typical grumble from Mac fanatics. As a tablet PC user since 2004, folks around here have long said how tablets would be great 'if only Apple would make one!' I say 'isn't it nice to have choices?' A professor can choose between all manner of implements to deliver a lecture. Thank goodness for progress!

And of course there's more than 11 plausible reasons to go with a tablet PC for lecturing or other classroom uses. Jim's commenter's have plenty to say, as well.

I love tablet PC buzz.

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menstiesfashion said...

whiteboard does not stand a chance in any way