Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shameless Self-Promotion

Thomas Hill of the WVKR radio show the Library Café interviewed me yesterday. The subjects? - Geographic Information Systems, global positioning systems, spatial literacy, GIS in education, tablet PCs and PDAs for teaching with GIS, local geospatial projects, Google Earth and Google Maps, and so on. Thomas Hill is also a librarian at Vassar. This interview was in part related to the Vassar Library's special collection exhibit currently on display in the Library "Mapping America: 500 Years of Cartographic Depictions."

Listen, if you like. (31:59 minutes)

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Steven CP said...

Hey Meg:
Came across your blog through the mapz blog. I am a Vassar grad (independent studies with Lucy Johnson) class of '91. Love reading your blog and look forward to more great posts.