Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New, Cool Stuff with Google Earth 4.3

Don't you want to know what your hometown looks like at different times of the day and night? The above is lovely Poughkeepsie New York at 6:11 am (about six hours from now), with the view to the north, note the stars in the morning sky, and the sun angle on the low hills, thanks to Google Earth 4.3.

There are many new things to check out on this latest version. To get started, check out this video explaining some of the features.

Or go to the Google Earth Blog, which has some nice screen shots.

The navigation controls are different. The feeling is even more game-like. Looks like I have to start to play around with Google Earth again so I don't get rusty.

Oh, and you can/should download the latest version from Google Earth. My 'check for updates' didn't get me the latest and greatest and neither did my Google Updater. Just go to the source.

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