Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall Semester, ArcGIS and Vista

For our Fall classes, we did not upgrade to ArcGIS 9.3 ® and we did not upgrade to Microsoft Windows ® Vista TM and we especially did not go for a new Macintosh lab with a Parallels or a Boot Camp, or whatever. The new copies of ArcGIS 9.3 landed on my desk right as I was leaving for my summer hiatus, so it did not get burned onto our new machines in the GIS lab or Scientific Visualization lab. We did get very souped up new machines in both of these lab, however, all of the specs I don't have at hand. Not that there are problems with ArcGIS 9.3 and Vista, we're just not 100 percent confident to make the switch. I see there is already a planned-for-November service pack for the new ArcGIS 9.3. Perhaps we'll wait until Spring to upgrade to 9.3.

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Justin said...


Catching up on your blog... Purely as an FYI, here at Alfred University in NY I've made the same decisions as you. Basically I could say 'ditto' to your waiting on Vista and 9.3 with a planned move (to 9.3 at least) either this December or in May of next year. Our GIS classroom leased up to new machines this summer and I consciously choose to have 9.2 installed. A final consideration there was staying with available lab/textbooks. Though I hear a new Getting to Know ArcGIS is coming this fall. Thanks for the post. - Justin, GIS Specialist, AU