Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If Only I Taught Geography

... I'd really put my students to the test with this on-line geography game.

In the game How many countries can you name in 5 minutes? you are asked to type the correct spelling of as many countries as you can think of, all in five minutes. The clock start ticking as soon as you get to the page. It is not easy. Out of 195 possible countries, I got, well, I'm not telling. A key point to remember is to type in the country name and that enter each time. At end you can see how well you did, what percentage of countries are chosen, what are the 'hard' countries that you got and likewise, what are those 'easy' countries that you forgot about.

What you see above is what you get. No maps.

Thank you librarygrrl for the tweet.

1 comment:

Agnieszka said...

I liked the game a lot! Although I had some problems with the English names of the countries :(
Thanks for recommending!