Friday, February 27, 2009

Visualization Wiki

For all you visual learners out there, VisWiki is for you. I heard about VisWiki from VerySpatial and this wiki site is really rich with search capabilities. Here's what VisWiki has to say for itself:

VisWiki is a visual, intuitive, and interactive web interface to encyclopedic knowledge/information, especially of Wikipedia. It is designed to provide a fun place to learn stuff in an efficient manner.

Above you can see the different pre-configured categories (expand the plus sign to find out sub-categories) and the languages you can search in. Below I did a search of "tablet PCs" to see what they came up with.

Above in green #1 is my search of Tablet PCs. You can click a plus sign and get more information on, for instance, what's the difference between tablets and regular notebooks (laptops). There are 1,424 photos linked to the term 'tablet pc' (green #2). There's a tag cloud that, oddly enough, puts Toughbook as the largest strongly related link. And at green #3 there is this other kind of mental map showing items with a relationship to a tablet PC. You can probably tell that I don't know what #3 is but I do think it's kind of cool. Scroll down for more...

At green #4 shows that there are 674 videos related to 'tablet PCs' and if you want to search further and link off and out of this VisWiki page, at green#5 you can search Flickr or YouTube or Yahoo, and so on.

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