Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mapping for Humanitarian Aid

MapAction is a resource for humanitarian aid workers. Mapping during crises in order to get needed supplies in the right places is one of the missions of MapAction. Here is what they say:

"MapAction delivers information that saves lives and livelihoods. When disasters strike, coordinating relief efforts hinges on rapid transfer of information. MapAction delivers that vital situation information in the form of maps, created and distributed in the field. By conveying a "common operational picture", our maps make a crucial difference in delivering humanitarian aid to the right place to relieve suffering."

There is an updated Google Earth KMZ showing the locations and information of MapAction's missions (shown above).

They offer a PDF version of a field guide for GIS mapping called Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping, that offers "step-by-step advice for aid workers who wish to use free and open-source resources to produce maps both at field and headquarters levels. " Access the mapping guide here.

Thanks, Caribean GIS blog for posting this.

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