Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Map Mashup By Journal Article Locations

There seems to be a map for all things, and articles in academic journals is not forgotten. Developed by Springer, AuthorMapper is a slick little Google Maps mashup that searches for papers by subject or location. Here's what they say:

AuthorMapper.com is a free interactive tool that visualizes scientific research areas and trends in an easy and refined way. It will assist the scientific research community by plotting authors, subjects and institutions on a world map as well as identifying scientific trends through timeline graphs, statistics and regions. Start mapping your scientific community today!

The search below is by 'geography' in which you find over 8,000 articles, the majority of them coming from the U.S and China

Beware: Though the map interface is 'free,' if you find an article you'd like to browse, you may find it locked out if your institution doesn't have a paid subscription.

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