Friday, April 27, 2007

Fifth Annual Teaching With Technology Forum

Another great year for Vassar's annual Teaching with Technology Forum, we had twelve interesting presenters showing posters and demonstrations of a variety of interesting uses of technologies in teaching. We also had a keynote speaker discussing the uses of visual images and (gasp!) getting presentation materials from Flickr. It was great.

As I mentioned in the Save the Date announcement awhile back, there were six posters given on geospatial topics. Five of the six had not presented at a Forum in the past. So, hurray for new users to GIS, mobile mapping and Google Earth!

Eventually, we in Academic Computing Services will put all of the lovely posters up on the web as we have done in 2006, 2005, and 2004. Please stay tuned. Until we get it together, please enjoy the posters that I helped put together. You'll notice one extra, non-geospatial poster, on the list. Yu Zhou talked about her use of Google Docs in class, a tool I love to use and love even more to promote. So check it out. Click on each for a larger jpeg to read. Here's the list in alphabetical order (with departmental affiliation):

Robert Fritz and Keri Van Camp (both in Biology), "Using Tablet PC Technology to Examine the Effect of an Invasive Species on Plant Diversity at the Vassar Farm"

Brian Godfrey (Geography), "Making Maps with Census Data"

David Jemiolo (Biology) and David Kennett (Economics), "Sugar, Rum and Squash: Going to Barbados with Google Earth"

Lucille Johnson (Anthropology), "Field Archaeology: Tablet PCs and Digital Photography Enhance Research and Reporting"

A. Marshall Pregnall (Biology), "Finding the Bathymetry of Sunset Lake and the Change Over Time Using Spatial Analyst"

Jeff Walker (Earth Science) and Mary Ann Cunningham (Geography), "Analyzing Regional Agriculture Through GIS, On-Line Water Budget Mapping and Soil Nutrient Modeling"

Yu Zhou (Geography), "Using Google Docs (aka Writely) as a Collaborative Writing Tool"

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