Monday, April 23, 2007

GIS in Higher Education

"Understanding Place: GIS and Mapping Across the Curriculum," an edited collection by Diana Stuart Sinton and Jennifer Lund, just came out and is now available on-line at Amazon. My thought is that this book will be useful for all the people that I created this blog for, people who use and teach with geospatial technologies in an academic setting. It is published by ESRI. Order a copy for your library today.

Here is a book description:

"This collection of case studies describes how experienced instructors have used GIS within the traditions of a classical undergraduate education, spanning subjects as varied as the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. These stories offer creative ways for teachers to help students analyze, manage, and visualize information by describing how instructors have integrated mapping software into their syllabi, pursued the learning goals of their discipline, and strived to create a realistic learning environment in which students practice inquiry in their fields."

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