Saturday, April 14, 2007

Using ArcMap 9.2? Recover Your 9.1 ArcMap Document

From Lynn Carlson of the GIS At Brown (sound familiar?) blog came this helpful hint about dealing with two versions of ArcMap, 9.1 and 9.2. We have this situation as our GIS lab has 9.2 but our tablet PCs have 9.1, so be aware that you do not need to re-create your map nor curse ESRI (this time). Thanks, Lynn!

Did you open/create an ArcMap document (*.mxd) on a computer with version 9.2 installed, and now you cannot open the file on a computer that is still running version 9.1?
All is not lost.

In version 9.2, the "File -> Save A Copy As" pulldown menu allows you to select the older software version.

Simply choose "ArcMap 9.0/9.1 Document (*.mxd)" from the "Save As Type" selection options.

Remember to give this copy of your .mxd a different file name to indicate that this is your older version.

Continue your work on this copy in ArcMap 9.1.

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