Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Research and Google Earth

I'm going to the Caribbean soon. I'm interested in tsunamis, too. So the mention of both of those combined in OgleEarth caught my eye. Apparently, Richard Teeuw from the Geohazard Research Centre at the University of Portsmouth, UK, and his colleagues found using Google Earth a weak coast line that may be susceptible to collapse during an earthquake which could then trigger a tsunami. Ogle Earth mentions this post in Silver Scorpio but you will find more information on the study at the New Scientist link. The study was published in AGU's EOS which is locked behind a password protected gate.

Fun, isn't it, using Google Earth to conduct research. Here's a study on cow alignments and one on finding Osama bin Laden. Just ten short years ago, this couldn't be done with this magnitude of swiftness. I love my job!

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