Tuesday, April 21, 2009

U.S. Unemployment Map in Slate

Maps in the news always get my attention. This interactive map at Slate, showing employment numbers in the U.S., by county changing since the start of the recession, is quite illuminating. Play the map animation to see the blue dots (job gains) change over time to large red dots (job losses). It's difficult to ignore the economic crisis at hand.

Thanks, NITLE's Sean Connin for the link.

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Craig Stevens - GIS Student said...

Wow! For all the statistical data I've read and all the very public negativity, nothing has hit home quite as hard as that map!

I'm a visual learner (maybe that's what drew me to GIS in the first place...), so for me, statistics, figures, and words don't have quite the same impact as a visual representation of FACTS.

I sure do hope that those numbers turn around though- that graph is incredibly depressing, especially considering the fact that I've only got one more year to go with my GIS degree from American Sentinel, and I currently live in Orange County, CA... I had no idea that so many jobs were lost here in Southern CA!!!

Is LA County leading the country in sheer numbers lost for a single county?! It sure looks like it!