Monday, April 27, 2009

Vassar's Talk Tech Podcast on Geospatial Technologies at Vassar

I was recently interviewed for a fledgling podcast produced by my colleagues, Baynard Bailey Chad Fust, and Media Cloisters student Madison Silverstein. In the interview I talk about geospatial technologies at Vassar, my 2009-2010 Fulbright to the University of the West Indies working with the Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies, how Google Earth and web maps make my life as an instructional technologist a little bit easier, how tablet PCs have helped bring the computer lab to the data and opened the classroom doors, and how the Geoweb is a lot like the Web web in that we all have access to free data on easy-to-use web-based applications, right away, right now. Chad talked about geocaching, Madison talked about her dad’s GPS in the car and Baynard mentioned a web map page that shows you where you can volunteer your time at any given moment or place.

Here's a link to the iTunes podcast location. It's podcast number 4.

Talk Tech podcasts focus on technologies for teaching and learning at Vassar College. This interview was the fourth pocast but Baynard and Chad plan to do more. Check it out sometime on iTunes (search on Vassar College, it’s in iTunesU).

Some of the sites mentioned in this podcast include:
U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum Darfur Project
David Rumsey Map Collection
The 2009 Horizon Report
Facebook iPhone app

Thanks, Chad, Baynard and Madison for having me on!

You can follow the action on Twitter with their Talk Tech podcast feed:

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